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Surname Listing

Contributions by Jim Sutton, Dennis P. Sutton, Milo Sutton & Robert Martin

Notes for William Hamilton "james" SUTTON

! Marriage recorded in St Paul's Church [of England] register, Kingsey,
Drummond, Quebec, CANADA
on 5 October 1846. LDS microfilm, frame #1165, folio #7. Witnesses: Robert
Sutton, John B Abercrombie.
Death recorded in St Paul's Church register. Died 2 May 1861, interred 5 May
1861. lists William Hamilton Sutton, farmer, as son of Joshua Sutton and
Catherine Hamilton.
Letter dated 2 July 1994 from Mrs. R.C. Kellerman, 1851 Beech Grove Dr,
Cincinnati, OH 45233:
Dear Cousin Jim:
I guess you have heard that all family members to a Scotsman are "cousins." I
recently answered a letter from Ian R. Smith [PO Box 151, Danville, Quebec,
J0A 1A0, CANADA] who sent me your address with an inquiry.
There is very little I know about the SUTTON family except the first
generation were Mary Bean Abercrombie - called "Polly", daughter of Robert
Spence ABERCROMBIE and Mary BEAN, who married James SUTTON on 5 Oct 1846.
[This would be the William Hamilton SUTTON listed on the marriage register
entry at St. Pauls Church, Kingsey, Drummond, Quebec.] My information has been
handed down to me through the family. I do not know how much of it has been
documented. According to my records James & Mary had six children: John,
George, WIlliam, Mary, James and Clara. Clara married a man named Jenkins.
John married in 1847 Sarah Hamilton. [This date is incorrect as John was born
in 1847.] They had a daughter, Maud, who married Carl Witter and lived first
in Worchester, Mass. then moved to Coral Gables, FL.
I think the best thing for me to do is to send you the information that I have
on a chart. I made the chart from information I got here and there along with
information my uncle Towne ABERCROMBIE wrote in a book, but never had the money
to publish it. I believe his Great -grandson who is in law school is planning
to copy it on some kind of a copy machine. Since he is busy with school, I
haven't any idea when that will be accomplished.
One story that I think you should know so that you can understand some of
the things on my chart. It is an undocumented family story about Mary & Hannah
her sister two years younger. The two girls were working in a logging camp one
winter cooking and housekeeping for the loggers. Evidently James SUTTON was
one of the loggers. He must have been sleeping with both the sisters and both
became pregnant. Their father, Robert Spence ABERCROMBIE, told James to make
the choice - which one did he choose to marry? Mary was very pretty and he
chose her. Then Robert Spence and Mary Bean ABERCROMBIE adopted Hannah's baby,
a son named George Norman. Much later Hannah married Mathew Stewart, but for a
while Hannah and her son lived at home. Evryone like Hannah and George. Mary
and Hannah were very close friends. I've heard they are buried in a common
grave in Danvile Protestant Cemetery [Danville, Richmond Cty, Quebec]. I
visited there many years ago and didn't quite understand the double grave, but
now I've heard there is a new marker.
If you have any questions on the enclosed chart, I'll try to answer them. I'm
80 years old.
Sincerely, Dorothy KELLERMAN


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