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George W. Sutton, of Crab Orchard, Murdered

Ira Sutton, NY to IL

Richard Sutton, born in Westmoreland Cty, PA

Deeds: 1782-1785 - Mingo Creek Settlement: Sarah Sutton

New Jersey Suttons Column by Dennis P. Sutton : Family Of Samuel Sutton And Ellenor Vliet of Hunterdon County

Suttons in the 1790 Census of Pennsylvania

Suttons in the Revolutionary Census of New Jersey

Washington County, PA records

Genealogy Centers in the Republic of Ireland, listed by County with addresses and telephone numbers


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George W. Sutton, of Crab Orchard, KY, Murdered

submitted by Gerri Sutton, PO Box 202, London, KY 40743

Mt. Echo - January 24, 1879

George W. Sutton, a brother of Mr. H. C. Sutton of this city, living near Crab Orchard, was found murdered in the Woods last Wednesday. Suspicion pointed to a man named Ferril, who left the house with Sutton, promising to show him a nearer way to Crab Orchard. Ferril was arrested, and there was talk of lynching him but the guard being composed of determined men no attempt was made. Mr. Sutton has a father, several relatives and friends in the

is county who deeply mourn their bereavement.

Stanford, Lincoln Co., KY newspaper

Murdered and Robbed

January 17, 1879

The body of George W. Sutton was found in the road four miles from Halls Gap near the house of Mr. John Weaver on Wednesday last, with a load of 10 d nails in his head intently fired from an old musket. Sutton is from Taswell, Tenn., shoemaker by trade but frequently goes out peddling liniment and was on this errand when killed. He is spoken of as an unoffending and sober man.

January 24, 1879

When we went to press last week John Ferrel, and Ike Stapleton were under arrest for the murder of George W. Sutton a shoemaker who for the last four years has plied his trade at Crab Orchard. A coroners verdict was held on Friday and the facts elicited were enough to shock even those who were accustomed to deeds of violence and murder. It was proven that Sutton, Ferrel, and Stapleton spent the night at John Weavers some five or six miles distant from Crab Orchard. A frail damsel being the object of their visit. Next morning Sutton left and in a short time after his departure Ferrel followed with an old musket ostensibly to hunt rabbit. At first he went in the opposite direction but soon circled around and stepped in Sutton's tracks, came up behind him and emptied a load of shot and broken nails into his head tearing a hole nearly two inches in diameter, the pockets were then rifled and left turned wrong side out and the body was dragged from the road to the woods and covered up in snow behind a log a short time after the shot was heard. Ferrel returned to Weavers and in answer to an inquiry in regard to the blood on his coat said that it came from a rabbit he had killed and proceeded to wash out the stains. As there was no direct proof in the guilt of Stapleton he was introduced as a witness and swore that on Friday previous Ferrel told him that he intended to kill Sutton for his watch and money, and that he borrowed not quite a load of bird and squirrel shot from him.

Ferrel was held without bail and lodged in jail here Saturday. The indignation against him at Crab Orchard was very great and threats of lynching were loudly made. It was one of the most brutal murders that ever cursed this blood stained county and the friend being a poor man is sure to pay the penalty with his neck. A death far too good for the perpetrator of so foul a crime. In jail Ferrel acts like a wild man pacing his cell ever and now apparently fearful that a moments rest would be too much for his over burdened conscious he protest his innocence and says that there is a conspiracy against him but his story is so badly constructed as to leave little doubt that he is not wrongfully accused. He claims that he is a native a Lee Co., VA., and that Sutton was also from that county but both have since lived in Taswell, Tenn. In appearance Ferrel is not the looking person that one would think capable of such a deed being a young man of possible fair exterior but the facts and the evidence seem to direct even to admit a doubt of his guilt. Later Ferrel confessed to murder.


February 14, 1879

Jacob Weaver, Ike Stapleton and Elizabeth Stapleton, arrested as accessories to the murder of George W. Sutton were tried before Judge Burch at Crab Orchard, Wednesday. It was proven that Ferrel had told them that he was going to kill Sutton and after killing him told them that he had done so but it appearing that their failure to report on him was caused by fear, they were acquitted.

Mt. Echo, Laurel Co., KY

Ferril the man who murdered Mr. G. W. Sutton, the brother of our Townsman, Mr. H. C. Sutton, near Crab Orchard, last January, has been tried and sentenced to the penitentiary. Ferril pled guilty and the jury was merciful.

Ira Sutton NY - IL

by Justin C. S. Howery, 35 Logan St. #402, Denver, CO 80209-1840

There's an interesting coincidence here with your earlier story about the SUTTONS who changed their names: Charles DUTTON, who successively married two SUTTON sisters, had a brother named *Abbott* DUTTON. I have not been able to find any more information on that line either, so I don't know if the name is significant. Could be I'm looking at a group of interrelated families.

1. Ira Sutton. Born, circa 1806, in New York[1]. Occupation: Farmer. Ira Sutton moved from New York to Indiana between 1841 and 1846, and then about 1849 moved to Illinois. In 1850 he was living at Crete, Will, Illinois, and had real estate valued at $1,000. He married Mary [...] (3). Children:

i. Mary Sutton. Born, 1826, in New York[2]. Died, 8 Feb. 1853, in Will Co., Illinois. She married Charles A. Dutton (2), Sep 1848, in Will Co., Illinois[3].

ii. Laura A. Sutton. Born, 1836, in New York[4]. Died, Jan 1908. She married Charles A. Dutton (2), 29 Jun. 1853, in Joliet, Will Co., Illinois[3]. Laura Sutton died between 4 January and 26 January 1908.

iii. Mehitable Sutton. Born, circa 1837, in New York[5].

iv. Hiram Sutton. Born, circa 1841, in New York[6].

v. Lucretia Sutton. Born, circa 1846, in Indiana[7].

vi. Sarah Sutton. Born, circa 1849, in Illinois[8].


2. Charles A. Dutton[9], son of John Dutton and Sarah Green?. Born, 15 Jul. 1826, in (Hannibal, Oswego, New York)[10]. Died, 20 Sep 1898, in Clayton, Taylor Co., Iowa[10]. Burial in Bower Cem., Clayton, Taylor Co., Iowa[10]. Occupation: Farmer. As a young man, Charles Dutton fought two years in the Mexican American War, probably 18451847. He married for the first time in 1848. In 1850 he and his family were living next to his father and to his father-in-law at Crete, Will, Illinois. A Keziah Knapp, age 49, born in New York, was living in his household, but her relationship is not known. They later moved to near Kankakee, Illinois. In 1853 he married again, to the sister of his deceased wife. By 1854 they had moved to Putnam County, Indiana. He and his family moved to Clarke County, Iowa between 1860 and 1862.

His gravestone says that he served with Company A, 39th Iowa Infantry, during the Civil War. A biographical article on his son- in-law, Benton Alloway, relates that Charles Dutton agreed to fight in place of a wealthier man who had been drafted for the war. In return, the man promised to look after the Dutton family and their farm. This was a common practice at the time, but the man broke the agreement and when Charles Dutton returned from the war, he found his family almost destitute. In the words of the article, he "wrathfully hunted up the culprit and administered punishment where it was due."

Another story from his Civil War service is that he was an officer and had charge of baggage wagons. One morning, a mule hitched to one of the wagons refused to move. That one mule was holding up the baggage train and all efforts to make it move failed. In exasperation, Charles Dutton doubled up his fist and hit the mule on the head, knocking it to the ground. When the mule got up it began to pull, and the blacks attached to the train also got busy in a hurry.

The 1870 Census shows Charles Dutton and his family at Bedford, Clayton Township, Taylor, Iowa. They were still there at his death in 1898. He married, first, Mary Sutton, Sep 1848, in Will Co., Illinois[3]. Born, 1826, in New York[2]. Died, 8 Feb. 1853, in Will Co., Illinois. Children:

I. Laura A. Dutton. Born, 1849, in Will Co., Illinois[11].

He married, second, Laura A. Sutton, 29 Jun. 1853, in Joliet, Will Co., Illinois[3]. Born, 1836, in New York[4]. Died, Jan 1908. Laura Sutton died between 4 January and 26 January 1908. Children:

ii. Mary Augusta Dutton. born, 6 Jun. 1854, in Will Co., Illinois[12]; died, 6 Jan 1908, in Bonesteel, Gregory, South Dakota[13]. Birth(2): 8 Nov. 1854. She married Benton Dudley Alloway Sr., son of John W. Alloway and Malinda Goodwin, 1 Oct. 1872, in Grant, Taylor Co., Iowa[14]. The 1900 Census calls her Mary S. Alloway.

Mary Alloway knew she was dying of cancer, but she wanted to live to attend the wedding of her son Walter to Ethel Thomas. Ethel was teaching at the Schindlebower School and planned to finish the spring term before getting married. However, at Christmas break she learned of Mary Alloway's desire. Ethel resigned her teaching position and the young couple was married in the Alloway home. Mary Alloway was able to put on her black silk dress and sit up for the ceremony, but died six days later.

iii. Silas Dutton. Born, 1857, in Will Co., Illinois.

iv. Charles L. Dutton. Born, 1858, in Will Co., Illinois.

v. John A. Dutton. Born, 1860, in Will Co., Illinois.

vi. Elsie Dutton. Born, 1862, in Iowa.

vii. Mahitable Dutton. Born, 1863, in Iowa.

viii. Chloe Dutton. Born, circa 1865, in Iowa. Died, 28 Oct. 1872, in Clayton, Taylor Co., Iowa[10]. Burial in Bower Cem., Clayton, Taylor Co., Iowa[10].

ix. George Dutton. Born, 1867, in Iowa.

x. Emma Dutton. Born, 1868, in Iowa. Died, 4 Mar 1874, in Clayton, Taylor Co., Iowa[10]. Burial in Bower Cem., Clayton, Taylor Co., Iowa[10].


3. Mary [...]. Born, circa 1807, in New Hampshire[15].

She married Ira Sutton (1).

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Richard Thomas Sutton of Westmoreland Cty, PA

by Anna Herbertson, 6584 Bull Hill Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, Hardesty's Wood Co., v8, p. 112:

Richard Thomas SUTTON -- was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, March 23, 1856, and settled in this county in 1821. His wife Nancy Jane, daughter of William James and Nancy Ann (Moore) Lowry, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, December 31, 1860. She was married to him in Washington county, Ohio, April 18, 1878, and is the mother of 3 children: John Lowry, born June 14, 1879; Myrtie, July 2, 1880; Rose November 12, 1881, died March 2, 1882. Mr. Sutton had two brothers in the Civil war. Reuben enlisted in 1861 and served 100 days, and in 1863 enlisted again and served to the close, Eugene served abut two years. Mrs. Sutton's grandfather, John Moore, was a soldier in the war of 1812, and is now living in Washington county, Ohio. He is 89 years old. Mr. Sutton is engaged in growing fruit trees, and expects to keep a stock on hand at all times. He has a stock of trees in Ohio, also. His nursery is one mile from Valley Mills, in Williams district, and those wishing to buy either fruit, ornamental trees or shrubbery, will do well to call on him, as he will well at prices as low as at any regular nursery. Address, Valley Mills, Wood county, West Virginia.

West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, Hardesty's Braxton Co., v3, p. 9394:

F. J. Sutton -- son of James and Mary (Skidmore) Sutton, of this county, was born in Braxton county, October 19, 1841. He has made his home in Birch district, where he has fifty acres of land under cultivation, and 130 to 140 acres in excellent timber oak, poplar and walnut. At the age of twenty he entered the Southern army, enlisting in June 1861, at Braxton Court House. He was in the engagements of Carricks Ford and McDowell, and then a participant in the Shenandoah Valley campaign, at Winchester and Cross Keys. He was in the seven day's fight before Richmond, and in the battles of Gordonsville, Harpers Ferry, Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, Antietam, second Bull Run, Cedar Creek, along the Potomac capes in the battle of the Wilderness, where he was captured, May 5, 1864, and sent to Fort Delaware, remaining prisoner until the war closed. He was constable, 185861, and in 1787 was elected to the office of justice of the peace, which he acceptably filled four years. The wife of F. J. Sutton is Mary A., daughter of James and Savina (Pack) McLaughlin, of Greenbrier county, West Virginia. She was born in Nicholas county, (now) West Virginia, October 11, 1844. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Sutton are eight, all at home:

Okey S., born March 23, 1869;

Rush, July 7, 1870;

Susan, July 5, 1872;

Mack, September 5, 1874;

Frank, August 3, 1876;

Mary S., December 12, 1878;

Julia, November 16, 1881;

and the baby, November 29, 1882.

F. J. Sutton's post office address is Twistville, Braxton county, West Virginia.

[Note: Sutton is the county seat of Braxton County, which is in central West Virginia on the Allegheny Plateau. Sutton was established in 1826 and is the trading center for a farming region. The first settlement was formed in 1810 by John D. Sutton, for whom the city is named. In its 1826 charter the city was originally called Suttonville, but a new charter in 1889 reinstated the name of Sutton. This John D., probably John Davidson, is of Dorothea Sutton Morris' line.]

Deed Records 1782 - 1785

by J. Richard Sutton, 1295 W. Dogwood Ct, Marion, IN 46952

Sarah Sutton, admin of Isaac Robbins to Eneas McDonald, land on Mingo Creek. Approximately 150 acres. June 7, 1782

William Sutton of Yough County, Virginia to John Lee Webster of Hartford County, Maryland. 400 acres on Robinson's Run December 13, 1779

Sarah Sutton of Mingo Creek Settlement, Washington County, Pennsylvania to Enos McDonald. 318 acres on Mingo Creek September 13, 1784.

New Jersey SUTTONs

by Dennis P. Sutton

The following article was submitted by Mrs. Judy Smith for the SUTTON Searchers Newsletter. The majority of this information was originally sent to me about a year ago. I regret that my job has keep me from submitting the information and wish to apologize for this. However, based upon the information and the apparent work which Judy has but into her research, I believe it is time to give her the credit due.

In her cover letter, Judy writes, "In the October 1993 issue of the SUTTON SEARCHER Newsletter, page 5, I start with Samuel Sutton (6) who married Ellenor Vliet. I have used information taken from your Newsletter; Snell's History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties; Traditions of Hunterdon, John W. Lequear; cemetery records - Zion Lutheran churchyard and New Germantown Cemetery, Oldwick; "The Story of An Old Farm" by Andrew Mellick, family bible records of William Ellsworth Sutton and Lydia Alice Apgar, my great-grandparents, 1850-1920 Federal Census records for Tewksbury Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, and family bible records and information shared by Cecil V. Vroom, Oldwick. Cecil is the son of Ella May Sutton and grandson of William W. Sutton."

Family Of Samuel Sutton And Ellenor Vliet

by Judy Smith, 428 Bellis Rd, Bloomsbury, NJ 08804

Samuel(6) SUTTON [Richard(5), Aaron(4), Moses(3), John(2), William(1)].

Samuel (6) Sutton was born Mar 1775, the son of Richard Sutton and Miss Chidester. He married Ellenor Vliet, the daughter of Simon Vliet and Ann Terhune. Ellenor was born 9 Feb. 1779/80. Samuel died 23 Aug. 1849 and Ellenor died 29 Jan 1860. They are buried in Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, Oldwick, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Samuel and Ellenor had three children:

Anna(7) SUTTON [Samuel(6), Richard(5), Aaron(4), Moses(3), John(2), William(1)].

Anna Sutton was born 24 Jun. 1799 (Early Germans of NJ has her year of birth as 1801). She married George Fisher on 30 Sep 1819 in Somerset Co., NJ George, the son of Rev. George Fisher and Hannah Hiles, was born 5 Nov. 1796. George died 19 Nov. 1889 and Anna died 21 Dec. 1890. They are buried in Fairmount Methodist burying ground. George and Anna lived in Tewksbury Twp. and had the following children (Early Germans of NJ and 1850 Federal Census records for Tewksbury Township):

1) Simon V. Fisher, b. circa 1824 - md. Eliza Ann Drake (daughter of James), b. circa 1827; children:

2) Henry H. Fisher, b. circa 1828 - md. Mary Laquear, b. circa 1825; children:

Lived in Fox Hill, Tewksbury Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ.

3) William S. Fisher, b. circa 1833 - md. Catherine Crater; two daughters:

4) Deborah P. Fisher, b. circa 1836 - md. Henry Sovran (Sovereign?); lived at Pottersville. (Early Germans of NJ).

William(7) SUTTON [Samuel(6), Richard(5), Aaron(4), Moses(3), John(2), William(1)].

William was born 8 Mar 1805. He married 1) Esther W. Welsch on 7 Jan 1829 in German Valley, Morris Co., NJ. Esther, b. 2 Aug. 1806, was the daughter of John Jacob Welsch and Catherine Crater. Esther died 20 Apr. 1866 and is buried in the New Germantown Cemetery, Oldwick, Hunterdon Co., NJ. William Sutton married 2) Dorothy Welch on 31 Dec. 1867 in East Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Dorothy was born circa 1825 (1870 Federal Census, Tewksbury Twp., NJ). William died 12 Jan 1886 and is buried with Esther. William and Esther had 4 children:

1) Catherine Ann Sutton, md. William H. Vliet, son of Abraham W. Vliet and Sarah Henry. (Abraham was a brother to Ellenor Vliet Sutton). They had 12 children:

2) Samuel Sutton, b. 29 Dec. 1831; d. 1909. He was baptized by Rev. Henry N. Pohlman, 9 Jul. 1832.

3) William W. Sutton, b. 27 Mar 1836; d. 6 Feb. 1918.

4) Esther Sutton, b. 1853 (1860 Federal Census, Tewksbury Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ); d. possibly before 1870.

Eliza Ellen(7) SUTTON [Samuel(6), Richard(5), Aaron(4), Moses(3), John(2), William(1)].

Eliza Ellen Sutton was born 3 Jan 1813 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. She married John Cruser Moore on 11 Aug. 1830 in New Germantown (Oldwick), Tewksbury Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ. John died 4 Aug. 1849. Eliza lived with her mother, Ellen Sutton, in the 1850 Federal Census, Tewksbury Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ. Eliza died 8 Jul. 1886 in NJ. She and John are buried in Zion Lutheran Churchyard, Oldwick, near her parents. Children:

Samuel(8) SUTTON [William(7), Samuel(6), Richard(5), Aaron(4), Moses(3), John(2), William(1)].

Samuel Sutton was born 29 Dec. 1831. He married on 25 Dec. 1854, 1) Elizabeth L. Melick, the daughter of Nicholas Egbert MELICK and Elizabeth BACKER. Elizabeth was born 18 Apr. 183 and died 23 Apr. 1876. Samuel married 2) Charity Ann CRATER, the widow of Joseph C. BEAVERS, on 14 Feb. 1877. Charity was born Jul. 1839 and died in 1902. Samuel died in 1909. Samuel, Elizabeth and Charity are buried in New Germantown Cemetery, Oldwick, NJ. Samuel and Elizabeth had 10 children:

William(9) Ellsworth SUTTON [Samuel(8), William(7), Samuel(6), Richard(5), Aaron(4), Moses(3), John(2), William(1)].

William Ellsworth Sutton was born 24 Aug. 1860. He married Lydia Alice Apgar on 24 Jan 1885. Lydia, the daughter of Isaiah Apgar and Lydia Eleanor Hoffman, was born 18 May 1857. William died 11 Mar 1923 and Lydia died 20 Jan 1951. They are buried in Mountainview Cemetery, Cokesbury, Hunterdon Co., NJ. William and Lydia had 4 children:

Emma(9) Elizabeth SUTTON [[Samuel(8), William(7), Samuel(6), Richard(5), Aaron(4), Moses(3), John(2),

Emma Elizabeth Sutton was born 19 Sep 1862. She married George H. Maxfield circa 1883. Emma died 6 Nov 1890 three weeks after the birth of her last child. She is buried in New Germantown Cemetery, Oldwick, NJ. Children:

(Note: Emma was raised by William Ellsworth and Lydia Alice Sutton) - Information gathered from family members.

William(8) W. SUTTON [William(7), Samuel(6), Richard(5), Aaron(4), Moses(3), John(2), William(1)]

William W. Sutton was born 27 Mar 1836. He married Emma Jane Goltra on 28 Dec 1862 in Liberty Corner, Bernard Twp., Somerset Co., NJ. Emma, the daughter of James Phare Goltra and Fannie C. Cross, was born 18 Jul 1838 in NJ. William died 6 Feb 1918 and Emma died 21 Apr 1904. They are buried in the New Germantown Cemetery, Oldwick, NJ. (Snell's History of Somerset Co., and tombstone inscriptions). Children:

Judy Smith's family history of Samuel Sutton will be concluded in Issue 18.

1790 Census of Pennsylvania

Sutton  County  Males   Males   Females Other
16      16
David   1       4       1
William 1
William 2       3       5
BERKSAbraham     1       1       1
BUCKSJohn        2       3       3
Joseph  1       2       1
Oswin   1       2       3
Samuel  3       5       4
CHESTERAlexander 5       1       2
DELAWAREBethomley        2       4
FAYETTEBenjamin  1       2       4
Isaac   2       2
Isaac,Jr.       1       3       5
Jacob   2       1       8
Jeremiah        2       2
Moses   1       2       4
Phillip 1       1       1
Samuel  1       9       2
LUZERNEJames     2       3       3
NORTHAMPTONElijah        1       4
NORTHUMBERLANDAmariah    2       1
Anthony 1       1
Elijah  1       4       3
Ephraim 1       2       2
John    2       1       6
Joseph  1       2
Lewis   1       3       2
Lewis   1       1       2
Nathaniel       3       4
Samuel  2       3       6
PHILADELPHIAEdward       1       1
James   1       6
John    2       3       2
John    1       6
Joshua  1       1
Mary    1
Sarah (Widow)   1       1       5
Thomas (Shopkeeper      1
Capt. Woolman   1       1       1 (Philadelphia City, Southern
WASHINGTONBenjamin       1       1       3
Abraham 1       1       3
David   1       1       2
David   4       3
David, Jr.      1       2       1
Ebenezar        1       2       2
Stephen 1       1       1
WESTMORELANDAlex'r       1       1
Emas (Amos?)    1       1       2
Ezeheriah       1       2
Gerod   2       5       5
Jeremiah        1       2       3
Jeremiah, Jr.   1       1       1
Malakiah        2       5
Richard 2       1
Thomas  1       5       2


by Kenn Stryker Rodda

SUTTON  County  (1778 - 1780)   Township
HUNTERDONBenjamin        Hopewell
David, Rev.     Kingwood
John    Kingwood
Jonas   Amwell
Joseph  Amwell
William Amwell
ESSEXWilliam     Springfield Ward, Elizabeth
MIDDLESEXAmos    Windsor
Benjamin        Piscataway
Cornelius       South Ward, Perth Amboy
Henry   Piscataway
Hezekiah        Piscataway
Jacob   Piscataway
John    Piscataway
Joseph  Piscataway
Henry   Woodbridge
MORRISJohn       Morris
John    Roxbury
Jonathan        Morris
Joseph  Morris
SOMERSETAbner    Bernards
Abner   Bridgewater
Daniel  Bernards
Jeremiah        Bernards
Jonathen        Bernards
Peter   Bernards
Zackeriah       Bernards
Zebulon Bernards
Ephraim Bernards
BURLINGTONJohn, Jno      Manfield
Robert  Burlington
CUMBERLANDIsaac  Stowe Creek
John, Jno       Stowe Creek
Ozewell Stowe Creek
SALEMJames       Pittsgrove
John, Jno       Pittsgrove
Jonathan        Pittsgrove
Joseph  Pittsgrove
Thomas  Pittsgrove
Thomas Cotes    Pittsgrove
SUSSEXJesse      Newton
Lihue   Newton
HUNTERDONAron    Tewksbury
Richard Tewksbury
Samuel  Maidenhead
John    Tewksbury
MIDDLESEXJoseph  South Ward, New
Brunswick William South Ward, New Brunswick
Nehemiah        South Ward, New Brunswick
Thomas and son, Peter   South Ward, New
MONMOUTHRichard  Shrewsbury
MORRISJoseph     Morris
Samuel  Morris
Uriah   Morris
SOMERSETMs (?)   Bridgewater

Records Of Washington Co., Pennsylvania

by J. Richard Sutton, 1295 W. Dogwood Ct, Marion, IN 46952
Cemetery Records:

Upper Ten Mile Presbyterian Church, Prosperity, Morris Township:

Amos Sutton died September 20, 1807 aged 32 years

Old Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery (formerly Cumberland), Morris Township

Elizabeth J., dau of Z. & Hannah Sutton, died June 9, 1848 aged 1 year 10 months

James H., son of Z. & Hannah Sutton, died October 22, 1848 aged 4 years 7 months 10 days

Sarah Elizabeth, dau of I.J. & Loraney K. Sutton, died January 21, 1854, aged 6 months 11 days

Isaac L. Sutton, died April 21, 1854 aged 37 years 3 months 4 days

Sarah J., dau of Henry & Elizabeth Sutton, died July 14, 1855 aged 36 years, 10 months 18 days

Lone Pine Cemetery

David Sutton, died October 22, 1812, b 1730

William Sutton, died February 8, 1881

Delilah wife of William Sutton, died December 12, 1882

Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Located near intersection of Route 31 & 51 north of Route 70, Rostraver Township, Organized 1792

Sutton, Joseph, died October 22, 1865 aged 51 years, 2 months, 23 days

Sutton, Sarah, died 24 July 1875 aged 53 years 1 month 23 days

Sutton, John, died 13 November 1856 aged 74 years (born December 1, 1782)

Sutton, Ama (sic) died 13 November 1871 aged 78 years 11 months 13 days

Genealogy Centres In The Republic Of Ireland

Copied from a message by Barry Flannagan, Rime network, Irish Conference


Muintir Na Tire, Borris, Carlow (Parish records registration) Contact: Pat Doyle, telephone 0503 73164 Carlow County Heritage Society, Carlow Town. Contact: Michael Purcell, telephone 0503 42399.


No centre yet County library believed to be indexing records. Telephone: 049 31799


Clare Heritage Centre, Corofin, Co. Clare. Contact: Gerard Kennedy/ Antoinette O'Bryan Telephone 065 27955


Cork Heritage Centre, Brandon, Co. Cork.
Contact Mrs. Nora Hickey, PO Box 17, Brandon

Telephone: 023 44566
Parish Centre, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.
Contact: John Murphy, telephone 025 84310
Parish Centre, Mallow, Co. Cork Deirdre Sheehan, Cannon O'Callaghan.
Telephone 022 20276/21112
Duhallow Heritage Centre, Newmarket, Co. Cork. Contact: Timothy O'Shea, no telephone available.
Youghal - Cormac O'Caolidhe, Clocktower, Youghal. No Telephone.
Blarney Heritage Project, Blarney, Co. Cork. Harry Kidney telephone 021 393447
Blackrock, Co. Cork. Parish survey being carried out by Denis Kidney. Telephone 021 358422


The Ramelton Heritage Project, c/o the Parochial Centre, Ramelton, Co. Donegal.
Contact: Anne O'Harre, telephone 074 51266


No centre in city. North County records being collated by Mrs. Burnadette Marks, Mountgorry, Swords, Co. Dublin. Telephone: 01 403629


Galway Family History Society.
Contact: Mrs. Muala Silke, 46 Maunsell's Park Galway Telephone: 091 22020

The Woodford Heritage Group, Woodford, Co. Galway (dealing with records in east and south Galway) Contact: Fr. Cathal Stanley, Sean Donoghue. Telephone: 0509 41394


Kerry Genealogical Project, Blennerville, Co. Kerry Records being collated by John Griffin at the Urban District Council offices in Tralee. Telephone: 066 21633
Parish records are also available from Mrs. Kathleen Brown, the County Librarian in Tralee. Telephone 066 21200


Indexing of Parish records is being carried on by the Killkenny Archaeology Centre, Rothe House Kilkenny. Contact: Mary Flood, Telephone 056 22893.


The county library in Newbridge, Co. Kildare is indexing Parish records. Contact: Donal O'Gorman. Telephone 045 31109


No centre, but many Laois records are held by the Offaly Historical Society, see Offaly.


The Leitrim Heritage Center, County Library, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim. Contact Sean O'Suilleabhain, Telephone: 078 44012


Midwest Archives, the Granary, Michael Street Limerick. Records are collated under the auspices of Shannon Development. Contact: Dr. Charles O'Mahoney, Telephone 061 40777


no known centre


No centre but some Louth records may be held by the Armagh Diocese. See section on Northern Ireland.


Crossmolina Historical Society. Contact: Mrs. Susan Kellett, Enniscoe House, Crossmolina.
Telephone 096 31112
Mayo Family Research Society. Contact Mrs Bridget Clesham, Caherduff, the Neale, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. Telephone 092 46024.


The Meath Heritage Centre, High Street Trim, Co. Meath. Contact Noel French, no known telephone number. Also try Meath County Library, Railway Street, Navan, Co. Meath. Telephone: 046 21134


no centre.


Offaly Historical Society Research Centre, Charleville Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.
Contact Michael Bryen/ John Kearney. Telephone: 071 43728
They also deal with Laois records.


St John's County Historical Society, c/o the Columban Centre, Castle Street, Silgo.

Contact: John Tunney, Telephone 071 43728


Tipperary Heritage Unit, Marian Hall, St. Michael's Street, Tipperary Towne. Contact Anne Moloney. Telephone 062 52725
Cashel (Co. Tipperary):Bru Boru Project (tombstone inscriptions etc.),Bohereeenglas, Cashel, Co. Tipperary. Contact Una O'Murchu, telephone 062 61552
Nenagh, Co. Tipperary: District Heritage Society, The Governor's House, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Contact Doanl and Nancy Murphy, telephone 067 32633
Roscrea, Co. Tipperary: Roscrea Heritage Centre, Damer House, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. Contact: Willie Hayes, Administrator. Telephone 0505 21850
Thurles, Co. Tipperary: The Ursuline Convent in Thurles is indexing parish records.
Contact Toma Noone, telephone 054 21561


Waterford Heritage Survey, St. Anne's School, Ursuline Convent Waterford Contact: Ms. Carmel Meehan, telephone 051 73711, also Fr. Michael O'Connor at St. John's College, telephone 051 74199


no centre - but try Athlone Library and Mullingar County Library where some baptismal records are kept.


Wexford County Council is indexing records. Contact Niall McDonald at Count Buildings, Wexford. Telephone 053 22211


Wicklow Heritage Centre, Old Courthouse, Wicklow Towne. Contact Brendan O'Connor, Telephone 0404 67324.



I belong to the southeastern U. S. Sutton line. We have traced our lineage through to a Jacob Sutton of Baker County, Georgia, and would like to be able to go back at least two more generations.

What I believe to be true:
Jacob Sutton, born: 1755 in New Hanover County, North Carolina; married Louise Rene Cotte in 1768; died: 1838 in Baker (formerly Early) County Georgia. Children: Cullin, Zachariah, James Wiley, Theophilus, & John Cotte.
Greg Sutton, 8527 25th Street East, Parrish, FL 34219

Dear SUTTON Searchers:

I have just spent a couple hours at the Family History Library reading all the back issues they have. I was surprised that with all the thousands of SUTTONs, no one has submitted anything about the large number of them in NY state. (I grew up in NJ and am surprised now that I never met anyone named Sutton until I met my husband in the Navy in Wash., DC - he was born in Olean, NY.)

I am not a Sutton but my husband was and I am doing the Sutton genealogy for the sake of my daughters and grandon. I went along pretty well at first using census records back to 1850 and then the going got more difficult. I have enclosed a Descendancy chart made with the PAF program listing everyone I have discovered.

If any of your readers have any NY Suttons in their family, I would love to hear from them. All I know is that a Sir Thomas SUTTON of England (where?) had 2 sons, David and Joseph, who came to America, probably in the early 18th century. My husband is descended from David; I can find no trace of Joseph or his descendants, nor anything about David for that matter.

I can find nothing in New York establishing the father of Foster Sutton in Bristol, Ontario, NY. On his tombstone he is listed only as the son of Orpha Sutton (who was 14 when he was born). Orpha is listed in 1860 as the wife of Abraham, but nothing shows her as married to him until old age. Isaac, Abraham's twin, was the father of a Foster according to a Yates Co. Chronicle article in 1939. Was he "my" Foster? Perhaps Foster was illegitimate since both Isaac and Abraham seem to have been married to someone other than Orpha, his mother.

There is also a puzzle about Foster's wife. In the earlier census records his wife is listed as "Labarda" later as Fanny. The dates of birth changed with every census, so I cannot tell whether it was one wife, or maybe 2 different ones.

Anyway, if anyone knows about the NY Suttons and their origin (they apparently had relatives in PA) and Foster in particular, I would appreciate hearing from them.
Maggie Sutton, 777 East South Temple, #4D, Salt lake City, UT 84102- 1269
(Maggie: Wouldn't you get tired of the name "Labarda" too? The Descendancy Charts referred to are included at the rear of this issue -Jim)

Dear Sirs:

I am directly descended from Hannah Hayden and Jonathan Sutton. I would like to have a subscription to SUTTON SEARCHERS newsletter. Like 8 generations of my family I consider St. Clairsville my home town. My dad was born & died there (Harold E. Sutton; son of R.D. Sutton of the Zachariah branch).
Jean S. Koppert, 21025 Wooster Rd, Danville, OH 43014

Dear Mr. Sutton:

Thank you for your letter telling me about the SUTTON SEARCHERS newsletter. I will detail below all the information I have on the Suttons of Nantwich in Cheshire [England], who were my husband's ancestors, in case they are of use to anyone else.

My husband's grandmother Rosa Hughes nee SUTTON was baptised 29 March 1880 in the town of Nantwich in Cheshire. She was the fifth child of Thomas Sutton and Emma nee SARGENT who were married in Nantwich in 1869. The other children were Albert (1870), Henry (1871), Walter (1874) and Clare (1877). Clara apparently died unmarried, of consumption (T.B.), but no more is known of the boys yet.

Thomas Sutton was one of the twelve children of Edward Sutton and Anne nee EDWARDS who were married 28 November 1844 in Nantwich. Unfortunately Edward Sutton appears to have been one of those people with little respect for dates and ages. His own age varies considerably through the available censuses and some of his children appear to have been baptised a few years after they were born - a few not baptised at all. The list of his children with their year of birth appears to be Harriet (1845), Edwin (1847), Thomas (1851), Sarah (1852), Sarah (1853), Mary (1856), Edwin (1858), Ann (1861), Betsy (1863), William (1867), Isaac (1868) and John (1870).

All Edward's census entries agree he was born in Nantwich. The nearest baptism to his varied dates of birth according to the census would be Edward son of Richard Sutton, gentleman, and Mary in 1825, but as there are no details of any father on Edward's marriage certificate, it seems more likely that he is Edwin son of Sarah Sutton, a single, servant, baptised in 1820. Sarah has not yet been identified.

The Suttons were in the shoemaking trades, like many other families in Nantwich. There were also other Sutton families in Nantwich with a variety of occupations: labourer, cordwainer, servant, blacksmith, brushmaker, baker, groom and horse trainer.
Mrs. Eloise I. Ashdown, Tanygraig, Graig, Clan Conwy, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd LL28 5TW England

Dear Mr. Sutton:
Recently, in researching my Sutton ancestry, I came across a typescript entitled GENEALOGICAL NOTES OF THE SUTTON FAMILY OF LONG ISLAND AND WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK, AND OF LUZERNE COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA. It was dated 1962 and written by Frank W. Sutton, 5750 Clemson St, Los Angeles, CA.

This typescript follows descendants of James Sutton, a Quaker merchant, b. 7 Mar 1744 (possibly Long Island, NY), d. 19 Jul 1824 (Exeter, PA), and his wife Sarah Smith (1747-1834). According to this document, James and Sarah's son William, "a stonecutter," b. 1775 (Exeter, PA), d. 1823 (Starkeley, NY) and his wife Phoebe (Skinner?) (1777-1847) had five sons: James (no birthdate); John (b. 1805); Daniel (b. 1807); Ashley (b. 1808); and William (no date).

I think that this last William Sutton may be my ancestor William Sutton, b. 2 Aug 1810 (NY), d. 10 Oct 1879 (Paw Paw, IL). Not only do the names and probable birthdates tally, but the Pennsylvania Suttons came from the Wyoming Valley area of Luzerne county, PA. The early settlers of Paw Paw, IL are known to have come from Pennsylvania and named their township -- and one of their cemeteries -- "Wyoming."

Does anyone have further information on this branch of the Sutton family? Also, does anyone know or coorespond with the Frank W. Sutton who wrote this genealogy? I would be very grateful for any information.
Anne Bertram, 1901 Minnehaha Ave. S. #420, Minneapolis MN 55404 tel:(612) 321-0637.

Dear Mr. Sutton:

My husband's grandmother's name is Lela Eulene Sutton and she was b. ca 1918 in London, KY. Her father, Henry T. Sutton, was also born there in 1891. I think that his father's name was Harvey C. Sutton and he married Mary Frances Justice in Laurel Co., KY on 15 Apr 1875. Ther ewere four other children: Alice, Jarvis, Lu and George V. Sutton. I have only George's birthdate, 29 Apr 1884.

I think Harvey may have been born in 1875 but doesn't make sense with the marriage date of parents. I also found a Harvey Sutton in 1880 census who was 36 at that time. The 36 year old was born in Virginia.
Do you or any SUTTON SEARCHER reader have information on this family of Suttons?
Mrs. Patty Dearing, 6206 Firestone Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014

(Ed: Many of these names ring a bell! Does anyone know this Sutton family? -Jim)


Q. xxx - Richard & Rachel SUTTON

Seeking information on Richard SUTTON and (one of) his daughter(s) Rachael SUTTON. Rachel is reported to have been born 28 Sep 1780 in New Jersey. I know nothing of her siblings if any and only her

father's name. Rachael married Aaron GARDNER Sr on 3 Oct. 1799 in Fleming county, KY and died on 10 Jun. 1833 in Kentucky.
Dave Leebrick
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -

Q. XXX - Thomas W. Sutton

Does anyone have information on Thomas W. (probably William) Sutton, b. 1759 in NC? He was granted 98 acres of land in Sampson Co., NC in 1787, presumably in payment for service in the Revolution. He appears in the 1790 Federal Census of NC in Sampson Co., NC. He married Lucretia Blackman, b. 1765, of Sampson Co. and reared a family of eleven children:

Joseph m. Elizabeth Stevens
Thomas m. Bathsheba Crumpler
Luke Whitfield m. Sylvia Crow
Benjamin m. Matilda Crow
Edmund m. Polly Craddock and Nancy Jones
Penelope m. Daniel Cogdell
Nancy m. Jesse Martin
Elizabeth m. Council McMullen
Susanna m. Bryan McMullen
and possibly Caleb Swindell
Louisa m. Henry Whitfield
Eleanor m. John Steven Herring

Sometime around 1830, Thomas and Lucretia Sutton moved to Louisiana along with three of their children and their families (Thomas, Elizabeth and Susanna). Letters written during that time were headed "Red River, Louisiana." Thomas died in Bossier parish in 1840 and Lucretia in 1846 also in Bossier parish.

Family history of descendants is fairly well known, but the ancestry of Thomas Sutton remains a mystery. Can anyone help?
Karen C. Kusmez, Box 11739, Dhahran 31311, Saudi Arabia
------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------

Q. XXX - George Sutton

Can anyone help me continue this line: George Sutton (1610-1669) m. Sarah Tilden, Nathaniel Sutton (1643-1682) m. Deborah Astine, Joseph Sutton (1673-1723) m. Parthinia Durant, George Sutton (1696-1723) ....
Helen Wiebe, 3177 McLeod Rd, Westbank, BC V4T 1A6 CANADA
------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------

Q. XXX - Francis M. Sutton

Searching for information on parents of Francis (Frank) M. Sutton, b. 1840 Ohio. He married Nancy Ellen Garner 24 Oct. 1861 in Pottawattamie Co., IA. Siblings: Francis, Cora, Sylvia, Harry, Ernest, Walter and Everett. Nancy Ellen Sutton moved to Denver Co. [sic] 1883 with this family without Frank.
Irene Dawson, 118 Fleming Ave, Council Bluffs, IA 51503-1305
-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- -

Q. XXX - Suttons of Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England

I am currently researching my ancestors the SUTTON family of Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England. Are any of your readers interested in this line?
Caroline Whorton, 21, Hyperion Rd, Stourton, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY7 6SD England
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------- -------------------------------

Q. XX David Sutton

Looking for parents of David Sutton, b. ca 1799 in eastern Pennsylvania. He is believed to have grown up in western PA near Pittsburg [sic]. Moved on to Ohio where he married Margaretta Harpster 21 July 1822, probably in Wayne Co. He had nine children in Ohio: Elizabeth; Charity; Phoebe; Levi; Sarah; Rezin; Henry; Mary Anne; and Hannah Marie. Moved on to Whitley Co., IN in 1839/40. One child, Samantha, was born there. Moved on in 1842/3 to Iowa Territory and had two children born there: Anabelle and Florida. David Sutton died in Jackson Twp, Linn Co., IA on 9 Apr 1874.
Lorraine V. Johnson, 377 Hardwick Rd, Sequim, WA 98382
PS. My husband descends from David and Margarette's #1 daughter who married Wm. Heaton in Linn Co., IA on 17 Apr 1844.
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- --

Q. XX Reuben Sutton

My particular interest is the New Jersey Line which settled in Fayette Co., PA. especially Reuben5 (Issac4, Moses3, John2, William1). I would like to sahre research activities and findings with anyone else interested in this line.
Mr. Marjorie Rapp, 4807 Avondale Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80917- 3601

(Ed: If you have not already been in contact with our NJ Sutton columnist, Dennis P. Sutton, I would suggest he might be helpful, Marjorie. -Jim)

1995 Sutton Family Reunions

August: Descendants of Anderson Sutton, Place: Nolanville, TX, Contact: Harold Sutton, 1411 N. Tenth Street, Killeen, TX 76541, tel: (817) 634-3459

If you would like your SUTTON family gathering to appear here, send us a note with all details.

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